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Get to Know Marina Sirtis

With Deanna Troi’s experience as ship counselor and expertise on languages and linguistics, Star Trek: The Cruise IV is well prepared for any and all encounters, negotiations and first-contact missions that await on the high seas. Marina Sirtis sailed on Star Trek: The Cruise’s maiden voyage in 2017 and we’re excited to have her warm and empathic presence back onboard in 2020. In an interview [Read More]

Get To Know Ethan Peck

Star Trek: The Cruise is absolutely thrilled to welcome Ethan Peck, Discovery‘s Mr. Spock, to the 2020 voyage. This isn’t just Peck’s first Star Trek cruise, it’s his first ever cruise of any type. We had the good fortune to speak with this erudite and thoughtful young man about playing such an iconic character, and what he expects when he sets sail in March 2020. [Read More]

Q&A With Dr. Erin Macdonald

Starfleet is excited to welcome back Dr. Erin Macdonald to Star Trek: The Cruise. Hear directly from the astrophysicist and science fiction consultant who opened up in a Q&A with Star Trek: The Cruise IV. Engage: How was your maiden voyage earlier this year? Macdonald: It was incredible, and unlike anything I’ve ever done; I hadn’t even been on a cruise before! While I usually [Read More]