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STAR TREK: THE CRUISE™ IV  recently dispatched its cruise director and our favorite reptilian, The Gorn, for a reconnaissance mission on the new 2020 starship — Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas. They have returned from their away mission and the Command Center has received the full report: The grandeur of the Voyager Class ship is unparalleled, and it's perfectly suited to be transformed into an epic Star Trek amusement park at sea.

Joined by our favorite extraterrestrial humanoid reptilian, Cruise Director J.T. Watters gives the Vulcan salute under the intergalactic art installation on the new ship.

A Voyager Class ship, the Explorer of the Seas is perfectly suited to be transformed into a Star Trek amusement park at sea.

You’ll be blown away by the shimmering decor waiting for you on the Explorer of the Seas.

The grandeur of the Voyager Class ship is unparalleled.

Cruise Director J.T. Watters and The Gorn are destined to be regulars on The Promenade, the epic home for pub crawls, parades, costume parties and more!

Like the promenade of a deep space outpost, the Explorer of the Seas’ Promenade is a diverse gathering place with infinite opportunities to engage in Star Trek revelry.

The Gorn already feels at home on the bridge of the Explorer of the Seas.

The only thing missing from this photo is you.

These Turbolifts are your portal between your private living quarters and the magic of Star Trek waiting for you on The Promenade.

The Gorn personally requested that this photo be sent to Captain James T. Kirk.

These two seem to really enjoy each other’s company.

The Explorer Of The Seas opens up a new world of adventures. Which celebrity crew member will try the gigantic onboard wave surfer?

Miniature golf, to test your knowledge of applied physics.

The pool deck boasts two pools – one for relaxing and one for the action!

After this photo, The Gorn and Cruise Director J.T. Watters shared a glass of Romulan Ale.

The ice rink will double as a place for parties and star-studded panel discussions.

The main dining room is fit for an Admiral or visiting Ambassador.

To wind down and relive each epic day, mingle with your fellow Treksperts at 15 bars, clubs and lounges.

This isn’t goodbye. It’s see you March 1-8, 2020, for STAR TREK: THE CRUISE™ IV !