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The Ship

In 2020, Star Trek: The Cruise will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager by moving to a Voyager Class Ship! The Explorer Of The Seas is a perfect fit for epic Star Trek adventures with a star-studded crew and the greatest Trek fans in the universe. Here is our vision for how we will transform the Explorer Of The Seas into the ultimate Star Trek amusement park at sea.

The thousands of Star Trek fans that have completed this majestic mission know how meticulous we are in creating the Star Trek universe at sea. The Explorer Of The Seas reinforces our commitment to extraordinary Star Trek programming and productions.

The Explorer Of The Seas will deliver an elevated experience, with more entertainment venues, more space to retreat and recharge, more ways to engage with your favorite Star Trek celebrities, more food and drink options to fuel up and celebrate, plus more opportunities to surprise you with immersive Star Trek experiences. You will engage with Star Trek lore at parties and star-studded panel discussions in Studio B, dive into your favorite Star Trek movies and episodes at the pool deck theater, and partake in costume parties and cosplay competitions on The Promenade. To wind down and relive each epic day, mingle with your fellow Treksperts at 15 bars, clubs and lounges. It's a cruise fit for an Admiral or visiting Ambassador.

The grandeur of the ship is unparalleled. The engagement is unprecedented.

  • More stars!
  • More shows!
  • More interaction!

This and much, much more is why we couldn’t resist making this shimmering ship our newest Star Trek home at sea…

ONE-OF-A-KIND NIGHTLY SHOWS: The Main Theater is a spectacular setting for nightly performances by our Star Trek celebrity crew. Everything from the Karidian Company of Players to a command performance of “Photons Be Free” will fit beautifully.

PARTIES AND PANELS: The more intimate Studio B will be a hot spot for Star Trek parties, and can also be transformed into a multi-tier venue for Star Trek panels and Q&As. Here's where you will interact with your Star Trek favorites.

UP-CLOSE AND PERSONAL: Join your favorite Star Trek celebrities for unique events and activities.

  • More than a dozen bars, restaurants, clubs and lounges will get a Federation Refit to create the ultimate Star Trek amusement park at sea.
  • Socialize with the most passionate Star Trek fans in the spectacular selection of bars and lounges.
  • Like the promenade of a deep space outpost, the Explorer Of Seas’ Promenade is a diverse gathering place with infinite opportunities to engage in Star Trek revelry. There are shops and restaurants during Alpha and Beta shifts, and Star Trek parties and DJs as we phase into Gamma shift. The Promenade is the warp core of the ship's drive toward fun, where there is always something to do.
  • Like any Starfleet Promenade, the Explorer Of Sea’s Promenade is a majestic gathering place with boundless opportunities to engage in Star Trek revelry. It is full of shops and restaurants by day, and Star Trek parties and DJs at night. The Promenade is the heart of the ship and where there is always something to do.
  • Pub crawls, parades and costume parties make up the daily directives on the Promenade.
  • The Promenade will serve as the perfect venue for our nightly costume parties and cosplay competitions.